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Metropolis Security Systems

Empowering the Security Workforce for the Future: The Importance of Job Redesign in Keeping Pace with Rapid Technological Advancements


The security sector in Singapore has experienced growth in recent years due to an increasing demand for security services in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. With a shift towards technology and automation and a focus on training and employee development, businesses must adapt to stay relevant and keep pace in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

At a Glance

Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd (Metropolis), established in 1999, offers a comprehensive range of security services and training to a diverse client base including residential, commercial, public listed companies, schools, shopping malls, protected places, and gaming industries. In 2020, the company established the Metropolis Training Academy to deliver WSQ security courses to both the public and in-house participants.

As part of its digital transformation strategy, Metropolis has collaborated with technology partners to provide integrated security solutions, including Outcome Based Contracts and a Smart Command Centre powered by the Intelligent Metropolis Operating System. In response to the impact of Covid-19, Metropolis recognized the need for business diversification and has taken steps to upskill its security workforce through job redesign by engaging consultancy services.

Why invest in developing your employees?


59% of Singaporeans consider “good training” as an important employee proposition.

Employee Empowerment

Companies that provide and prioritise training opportunities and invest in upskilling their workforce will have a more productive and skilled workforce that drives better business performance.

Customer Service

Companies will be more capable of attracting and retaining talent in today's candidate-short climate, as today’s talents seek development opportunities to grow into value-add and meaningful jobs.

Source: Report by Randstad, titled “91% of Singaporeans Want Career Learning and Development Opportunities: Workmonitor 2022 Report

Transforming the workforce through workplace learning

In today's highly competitive business environment, it has become imperative for companies such as Metropolis to embrace technology in order to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Digitalisation of processes, job redesign, and upskilling and reskilling of employees are crucial steps that must be taken to ensure that Metropolis remains ahead of the curve. With this in mind, Metropolis has made a conscious effort to address its operational technology security needs by collaborating with specialized technology partners.

In order to achieve its goals, Metropolis has undertaken an extensive review of its job roles and has identified the key skillsets required for its employees. This has involved a deep dive into job redesign and the creation of new job roles and career paths for its security officers. Please find more information on Metropolis' transformation journey below.

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Identifying existing performance gaps

To support its security officers in the newly established Remote Command Centre career pathway track, and enable lateral progression for their job advancement and growth, the project team at Metropolis first undertook the following:

  • Conducted interviews and focus group sessions with in-house subject matter experts
  • Reviewed existing services and security standards
  • Reviewed current WSQ Security courses
  • Determined the competencies not covered by the WSQ Security courses but are required by the Remote Command Centre

From there, Metropolis was able to establish several findings of its employees and work processes, such as the need for consistent training of its security guards, which extends beyond the WSQ courses and in line with the organisation’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Integration of workplace learning interventions

After the identification of gaps within its security guards and their job roles, Metropolis worked with IAL’s certified Workplace Learning solutionist in co-creating essential course modules for its security guards. These modules included developmental activities and evaluation items to track the progress and understanding of learners.

Following the development of the new Security modules, security guards undertook the newly implemented course to upskill themselves with the competencies and capabilities to develop the required emerging knowledge and skills, in preparation for the Remote Command Centre pathway track.

Scaling up on the workplace learning imperative

At the end of the Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA) project with IAL CWLP, Metropolis was able to achieve the following outcomes:


Created a competency framework for the Remote Command Centre.

Piloted training programme on security officers and tested them via a panel question and answer session to demonstrate understanding. The passing criteria was set at 80%.

Pilot programme

Projected to upskill and develop 150 security guards in the first quarter of 2023.

A total of 150 security guards will undergo the new training programme.

The process of cultivating a competent workforce was not devoid of challenges. The curriculum of the training program encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects, requiring the physical presence of a trainer for the delivery of the theoretical component. This limited the number of security guards that can be trained, presenting a scalability problem for Metropolis, as the goal was to train and certify 150 guards within a three-month timeframe.

To address this issue, Metropolis has identified blended learning as a potential solution. By converting and digitising existing learning materials and assessments, the organisation aims to make the program accessible via an online platform. This will be implemented incrementally on the organization's Learning Management System and through the in-house "Metro Mobile Application" for the dissemination of e-Post Orders.

Putting aside the challenges faced, the support and encouragement from subject matter experts, who knew their work well, were of utmost importance during this journey. Without their critical feedback, it would have been difficult to improve the training programme, which would impact new and existing hires.

The support from IAL’s certified Workplace Learning solutionist was equally crucial, as the project team required expertise in developing a framework for the newly established Remote Command Centre, as well as guidance on implementing and evaluating the workplace learning project efficiently and effectively.

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