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Who We Are

At the Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP), we work with enterprises that like you, are focused on maximising organisational productivity through workplace learning and employee-driven initiatives and projects grounded in the following outcomes:

  • Employee Professionalisation
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Job Redesign
  • Digitalisation & Automation 

Let us journey with you to build a future-ready workforce. By Empowering Individuals, we are Advancing Enterprises

Why Embark on Workplace Learning?

In an increasingly fast-paced and complex work world, it is pivotal for enterprises to invest in human capital to stay competitive. To develop a cadre of highly skilled and agile employees, it is critical for enterprises to foster workplace learning which has shown to improve employee engagement and augment business growth. Be inspired by success stories of enterprises Empowering Individuals, Advancing Enterprises!

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What is Workplace Learning?

Simply put, workplace learning is learning at work – it is the acquisition of knowledge or skills by formal or informal means at the workplace. It can be formal learning, non-formal learning and informal or incidental learning. Through participation, observing others and sharing of experience and knowledge, employees continuously learn and build their innovative competence. It can be coaching and mentoring, or even as organic as brainstorming sessions at the workplace.

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What Do We Offer?

CWLP offers a suite of outcome-focused consultancy services. As enterprise leaders, you get to decide the types of your workplace transformation journey – depending on your readiness and available resources. Find out which consultancy best fits your enterprise needs.

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