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Alliance 21

Revolutionising Workforce Dynamics in Trade and Connectivity


In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and evolving customer expectations, companies across the Trade and Connectivity sector find themselves at the forefront of change. Among them, organisations recognise the paramount importance of their customer service departments as the frontline ambassadors of their brand and services. It is in this dynamic landscape that the need for strategic interventions and innovative approaches becomes crucial to stay competitive and deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

At a Glance

Alliance 21 Pte Ltd is a specialist logistics service provider that was established in 2002 with focus on fulfilling customer requirements for the transport of time-critical products such as aircraft spares, perishable goods, and live animals. In order to stay at the forefront of the logistics sector, the company has sought to raise the professionalism of their employees to deliver a consistent and high-quality customer engagement. In pursuit of this objective, Alliance 21 embarked on a workplace learning project as a member of the Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA) with the IAL’s Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP), which represents the National Centre of Excellence for Workplace Learning (NACE@IAL). 

Why the need to improve customer service excellence?

Source: Article by EHL Insights, titled “8 Reasons Why Service Excellence should be the goal of customer service”.

Project Outcomes:

Learning Enhancement:
  • Revised competency mapping and career roadmap using Skills Framework (SFw).
  • Identified and addressed learning needs and gaps.
Workplace Learning (WPL) Implementation:
  • Established WPL plans for Customer Service Staff, leading to 100% adoption for new hires.
  • Developed resources, including blueprints, assessments, and career progression roadmaps.
Competence Development:
  • Enabled the Inhouse Customer Service Coach to develop WPL modules and implement coaching and assessment plans.


Transforming the workforce through the NACE@IAL consultancy initiative


Through the LEA project, Alliance 21 focused on developing a sustainable plan consisting of a revised competency mapping and career roadmap using Skills Framework for the recruitment, development, and retention of the Customer Service Employees - Fulfilment Operations. The outcome also included a new workplace learning framework. The LEA initiative not only professionalised employees but also cultivated a culture of continuous improvement. 

Read on to find out more about Alliance 21’s transformation journey in detail below.

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Identifying existing performance gaps

To improve service excellence, the project team at Alliance 21 first had to identify the performance gaps existing at the workplace. This was done by conducting in depth interviews and discussions with key stakeholders and utilising onsite observation and mystery caller surveys by the IAL consultant to audit the telephone service interaction between service staff and customer.

Based on the above, the team managed to identify the following gaps:

  • There was a need to enhance internal workplace training systems and processes, especially for the customer service staff; and
  • There was a performance gap in the existing capabilities of coaches in guiding employee development and conducting assessments.

Integration of workplace learning interventions

After the identification of gaps above, the project team at Alliance 21, together with IAL’s workplace learning consultant, worked together to co-develop and implement the following:

  1. Developed structured Workplace Learning (WPL) plans utilising blueprints for customer service staff and fulfilment operations;
  2. Scheduled and executed WPL plans for training and assessment;
  3. Updated service manual/SOPS for service performance;
  4. Provided training and support to in-house customer service coaches to enhance their capabilities, which translated to new & existing staff being 100% competent in delivery of 2 modules of service standards and procedures indicated on the WPL blueprints

Scaling up on the workplace learning imperative

At the end of the project with IAL CWLP, Alliance 21 was able to achieve the following outcomes:

Developed a sustainable plan with a revised competency mapping and career roadmap

Established a new workplace learning framework and toolkit for Customer Service Operations, leading to a 100% adoption rate for new hires

Empowered the in-house Customer Service Coach to develop WPL blueprints, implement coaching and assessment plans, and successfully pilot a structured workplace learning plan

Alliance 21's Learning Enterprise Alliance (LEA) project with CWLP showcased a remarkable success story in the Trade and Connectivity industry. With a focus on elevating service excellence, the project aimed to strategically enhance the recruitment, development, and retention processes for the Customer Service department. The ambitious project objectives included using the Skills Framework (SFw) to redesign career roadmaps, improving internal workplace training systems, and empowering both customer service staff and coaches.

The interventions deployed were comprehensive, ranging from in-depth interviews and onsite observations to the implementation of structured Workplace Learning (WPL) plans and the creation of valuable learning resources. Notably, the project achieved significant outcomes, including the development of sustainable competency mapping, a revised career roadmap, and the successful adoption of workplace learning across the customer service department.

What's next for Alliance 21?

Following the successful completion of the LEA project with IAL CWLP, Alliance 21 is poised to embark on a trajectory of continuous improvement and innovation, to differentiate the company from its competitors, and to enhance its service offerings to the customer. The team is strategically planning for the next phase to sustain and build upon the achievements garnered through the LEA initiative.



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