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Fei Siong Group

Fei Siong Group

Reducing Digital Resistance

At a Glance

With digitalisation happening rapidly, cashless transactions are now the new norm – and are preferred in just about every marketplace. Fei Siong Group (Fei Siong) saw the need to keep its employees and processes up to date in preparation for the changing business landscape.

Read on to find out how you can reduce barriers to learning at your workplace!



Together with IAL’s Learning Specialist and support from the management, the project team at Fei Siong was able to incorporate the various workplace learning interventions to achieve the following:

  • Reduced the resistance to learning through training programmes to ensure a smooth transition from traditional payment system to digital interfaces.
  • Upskilled at least 70% of older employees to be able to perform cashless transactions at the outlets
  • Implemented cashless payment methods at over 20 outlets in Singapore

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Countering the initial resistance from employees who were already comfortable with old processes and were afraid of change proved as a challenge for Fei Siong.

Moreover, when it came to implementing new digital systems, the employees needed closer hand-holding and guidance. As such, a Learning & Development (L&D) team was set-up to provide specialised training workshops for the employees working at the various outlets.


To enable its employees to be more receptive and open to learning, it was essential to plan the curriculum in a way that is easily understandable and intuitive for the employees. This was done through the following:


Identification of underlying barriers to learning through informal interviews with older employees.


Identification of the various cashless transaction modes.


Co-identification and co-design of the learning experience.


Curation of at least 3 workshop content to equip staff with the skills to perform cashless transactions.