Employee-Driven Innovation (EDI)

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What is Employee-Driven Innovation (EDI)?

An initiative under the Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP), Employee-Driven Innovation (EDI) promotes innovation through everyday employee-led improvisations of work processes, services and products. With your employees’ close proximity to the ground and customers, they are better able to initiate ideas for incremental or radical changes.

These involve aspects of change management, idea generation and idea implementation, which support an environment in which innovation does not need to follow traditional hierarchical structures.


Workplace Transformation Projects Undertaken by EDI Partners


To facilitate the transfer of skills between employers and employees from two different job functions through cross-training, and the enhancement of existing work processes.


To enable participating partners from the hotel and accommodation services in their transformation journey to achieve operational synergy and productivity.


To design, develop and pilot an OCBC Employee Learning Agility digital profiler tool to foster employees’ self-awareness, critical reflection and goal setting towards developing learning agility.

Tim Ho Wan

To refine existing standards and processes to support District Managers in managing restaurant operations and staff development.

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Why Should You Consider EDI for Your Workplace Transformation?

EDI recognises that your employees’ expertise, experiences, ideas and creativity can make them gamechangers at the workplace. Are you interested in empowering your employees to make improvements to your organisation? If so, EDI can help your organisation achieve the following:

EDI Improved Work Processes
Improved work processes

Because of their close proximity to the ground, market and customers, your employees would have ideas on how to improve work processes, services and products.

EDI Stay Competitive
Stay competitive

In a country such as Singapore, where human capital is its most valuable asset, EDI may be the most viable way forward to stay competitive.

EDI Cost Efficiency
Cost efficiency

EDI is an inexpensive and effective method of improving work processes, services and products.

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